Last night, music producer Detail was reportedly being sued for rape and physical abuse. The report that surfaced said that he raped and physically assaulted two female artists that he was working with, one of which claimed that she looked at him as a mentor. The allegations against him are horrific. The women claimed that he had forced them to have sex with him in front of other people. Jessie Reyez recently came out and revealed that the story sounds familiar to one that she experienced six years a go.

After allegations of Detail raping and abusing two women, Jessie Reyez came out and shared her story. She took to both Instagram and Twitter to share her story. On Twitter, she wrote, "One night, over 6 years ago Noel ‘Detail’ Fisher tried this on me. I was lucky and I got out before it got to this. I didn’t know what to say or who to tell. I was scared. Fear is a real thing. The girls that came out are brave as hell," and added the link to TMZ's story.

She later took to Instagram and revealed that the gatekeeper in her song "Gatekeeper" was about Detail as she shared a screenshot of her tweet. 

The post has garnered the attention of both Drake and TDE's Punch. Drake, who was sued by Detail for assault before the case got thrown out, liked the Instagram post. TDE's Punch commented on the photo and commended Reyez for her bravery. "Wow... Appreciate your strength," he wrote.