The court drama between former couple Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee has taken another turn. Their divorce trial is right around the corner, but these two don't seem to be on a path of finding an amicable solution to their dissolution. We previously reported on how Drake-Lee filed paperwork asking a judge to order her estranged husband to pay $200,000 in her attorney fees. That's in addition to the $270,000 he's already paid and $100,000 she's receiving monthly for spousal and child support.

Williams has responded to the request and it sounds exactly how one would expect. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Williams says that his ex is using the money he's dishing out to purchase artwork and not to pay her lawyers. The paperwork reads, "Aryn has been able to avoid seeking meaningful employment, preferring instead to comfortably live off her substantial support...and save money while insisting that only Jesse should pay for the litigation fees for BOTH parties in this case."

John Shearer/Getty Images

"This Court should send Aryn a message that she too is responsible to pay for her attorneys' and that this is not a free ride whereby she can continue to drive up the fees in this case and expect Jesse to foot the bill." It's reported that Williams will also ask the court to lower his support fee although it's likely that Drake-Lee will argue against this because she claims she's owed approximately $1 million in back child support.