In 2012, Jesse Williams and his longtime girlfriend, real estate broker Aryn Drake-Lee, married after five years of dating. The pair seemed as if they were a Hollywood relationship that would be able to withstand the tests of the entertainment industry, but unfortunately, in 2017 it was reported that Williams filed for divorce.

Since then, the former couple has been embroiled in a contentious battle in an effort to end their relationship legally. The pair share custody of their two children, Sadie and Maceo, and The Blast reports that timing has been flexible to accommodate Williams' filming schedule. However, the publication is stating that Drake-Lee is looking to make some changes, especially because they're divorce trial is on the horizon.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Not only does Drake-Lee reportedly want the custody schedule to be more consistent with an expectation of Williams to give her his shooting schedule every week, but she also wants him to pay up to $200,000 for her lawyers. Court documents show that Williams has already paid $270,000 towards his ex-wife's legal bills, but she's requesting $100K for her lawyer and another $100K for a forensic accountant to help prepare her for the forthcoming September divorce trial.

Drake-Lee currently receives $100,000 from Williams per month in support, $50K for child and $50K for spousal, a number that Williams wants to be reduced. Drake-Lee wants that number to remain the same and reportedly will argue that Williams owes her nearly $1 million in retroactive support. Williams dishes out so much cash to his ex because he is said to make $521,000 per month.