Since her rise to stardom last year, Cardi B has found herself in all types of strange places. From co-hosting The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon to gracing the stage at the Grammy awards, Cardi's adventures have transcended all sense of expectation. Just when one might be wondering what she'll get up to next, she pops up in the unlikeliest of places, alongside the unlikeliest of people. Case in point, the latest episode of Zach Galafinakis' Between Two Ferns finds Cardi sitting down for a chat with Jerry Seinfeld, bringing her eccentric blend of humor to the dry-ass wit of Zach's cult classic show. 

Don't get it twisted. Jerry Seinfeld's presence alone makes this one worth watching. Still, in true BTF fashion, Zach eventually finds out that Cardi B is on set and proceeds to invite her into the passenger's seat. Upon her arrival, Jerry rises, ever the gentleman, actually appearing to be somewhat star-struck. Interestingly enough, he leans in for the cheek kiss, something his television counterpart would no doubt avoid at all costs. 

As Cardi steals Jerry's seat, Zach presents her with a "gender neutral" baby onesie, while Jerry proceeds to lament his demotion in seating. "I'm not even between the ferns anymore," says Jerry. "I don't even fit the description of the show." Should you count yourself a Cardi B fan, a Seinfeld fan, a Galafinakis fan, or perhaps some twisted amalgamation of all three, behold the glorious clip below.