Jerry Jones has been one of the most outspoken owners in the NFL and when it comes to the topic of kneeling for the national anthem, he has made his thoughts quite clear. Over the weekend, the man at the height of the aforementioned movement, Colin Kaepernick, got an opportunity to prove himself in front of NFL decision-makers. As we all know by now, the workout didn't go as planned and now it seems like Kap's NFL dreams are all but over.

According to TMZ, Jones was on 105.3 The Fan and got to speak about what happened with Kaepernick. Jones agreed that the whole thing was a "circus" and that it's all quite unfortunate. He also reiterated that the team is not presently looking for a quarterback.

"That situation from the get-go probably had a lot more that wasn’t about football involved in it and consequently we got the results of that dynamic," Jones said. "We're in the business of anytime, anywhere looking for talent -- whether we need it now or whether we need it in the future. So, the way these things work, you had that evaluation for you whether you're there or you're not. You have that evaluation. And, I think it's unfortunate that you can't just zero in on the business at hand, and that is evaluating a player that might or might not help you win a football game or move the chains within a football game."

With Dak Prescott at the helm, it doesn't seem like Kaepernick will be on the Cowboys anytime soon. In fact, it will be surprising to see him back in the league at all at this point.