After losing to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional game, Jason Garrett's status as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys was put into question. The team hasn't gotten past the divisional round since he was hired and his offenses typically struggle in the redzone. Despite this, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is doubling down on his support of the head coach and said that no announcements have been made regarding his staff because the team simply doesn't feel like the time is right.

"Within the staff we've made several commitments. But the reason that it's not being talked about is not that Jason is on shaky ground," Jones said according to ESPN. "It's just that we're putting together ideas and didn't want to necessarily make that a featured topic around the Super Bowl. ... Everything is as it should be."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images for DirecTV

Jones continued by saying that Garrett will continue to make the majority of the play calls.

"Jason's going to be making an announcement here real quickly, but make no mistake about it, he's going to be a key guy in what play is run on that football field," Jones said. "By key, probably have the ultimate responsibility."

Garrett has been with the team for nine seasons and has amassed a record of 77-59.