Jerry Jones is one of the most high profile owners in the entire NFL and he has negotiated his fair share of deals over the years. One of the biggest deals he's had to get done was with none other than wide receiver Dez Bryant who ironically, is no longer on the team. 

When Jones was trying to get a new deal for Bryant, the wide receiver was signed to Roc Nation at the time which means he was partnered with Jay-Z. During a recent interview with the financial network Cheddar, Jones admitted that he spoke to Jay-Z directly when negotiating Bryant's contract. According to Complex, this is actually against league rules as owners are not allowed to speak to uncertified NFLPA agents when negotiating a deal.

“JAY-Z, bar none, is in the top five of anyone I’ve ever met. His style, his demeanor, the quality of the person he is, he’s just outstanding,” Jones said. "I negotiated personally with JAY-Z on Dez Bryant’s contract. And we actually were in the 21 Club, and we started about 12 midnight and finished about five in the morning and we negotiated down in the wine cellar Dez Bryant‘s contract."

Based on the way Jones let these comments pass, it seems as though he's a little oblivious to the rules. It doesn't seem like he will be punished for this especially when you consider how long ago the negotiation was.

Such is life when you're rich and famous.