The murder of Nipsey Hussle has garnered many responses from hip hop figures, most of which have been uplifting messages, people paying their respects, or friends of the rapper sharing memories. Jermaine Dupri, however, caught a little bit of heat on social media after he made a statement on Twitter saying, "I believe Nip was Jesus."

The pushback was swift. "Stop it. Sounds like his heart was pure by the people who loved him. Destined to have been a great man! Prophetic and loved," one person wrote. Someone else commented, "Y’all do too much. Not to take anything away from Nipsey’s life. I believe we are all God beings made in his image and Nipsey definitely lived in the light. But Jesus? You gotta chill." Another Twitter use chimed in, "He was definitely special, inspiring, smart, intelligent but I don’t think Jesus smoked black n [milds]. I could be wrong though."

Dupri read through the disparaging comments and responded by writing, "It’s very interesting to me that when a person is sick everyone is quick to ask someone for their prayers, with hope that it heal the pain, but when I say I feel like Nip was Jesus, I’m crazy." He continued, "I just heard @JoeBudden say Nip was Jesus as well, are we both crazy? Btw anyone that’s saying I’m reaching or I’m crazy, clearly doesn’t believe in a higher power and I’m cool with that, but I do!! and I have felt it many of times."

So what say you, is Jermaine Dupri "crazy" for suggesting that Nipsey Hussle was Jesus?