Jermaine Dupri's financial woes just keep stacking up. In December of 2011 we reported on Jermaine Dupri getting sued over his Lamborghini, after he failed to make payments on the $330,000  vehicle (although he did make an initial payment of $70,000).

Jermaine was sued by Premier Financial Services for $79,095, even though the Lambo Murcielago was repossessed and then sold for $115,000. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the judge has sided with Premier Financial Services.

The documents filed on June 18th show that Jermaine never actually responded to the lawsuit, which is why the judge entered a default judgement against him, demanding he pay up.

Dupri was also recently hit with a tax lien of $800,000, so in the grand scheme of things, $79,095 may not be so bad.