We've learned on more than one occasion this week that you should never get your significant other tattooed on your skin. People have found that out the hard way for years. Much was said about all the tats that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson shared before their high-profile break-up and even more recently, Blueface and Juice WRLD fell into the tattoo trap by getting ink dedicated to their girls. Jermaine Dupri has been in the news for a whole other reason, going after the state of female rap right now and saying that everyone sounds the same. He recently spoke to Page Six about a number of topics and when his past relationship with Janet Jackson was mentioned, JD spoke about the tattoo he got down his right side for her.

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In case you forgot, Dupri got a giant portrait of Janet Jackson on his side when they were dating. If you ask him about it today though, he'll tell you he doesn't regret a thing about it. "I have a tattoo of her — but I know her," said the producer. "People have tattoos of people that they do not know. So when I got the Janet tattoo people were like, ‘What if y’all break up?’ But this is someone I know. I don’t regret Janet’s tattoo — we have matching ones."

JD has faced online criticism for failing to recognize major milestones in his ex-girlfriend's life, including her birthdays. He also touched on the backlash he's received by saying that not everything has to be done publicly. If he wants to wish Janet a happy birthday, he can literally pick up the phone and do so.

Would you/have you ever gotten your partner tattooed on your skin?

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