Despite their spats that have played out for reality television audiences, Jermaine Dupri remains a ride or die for Bow Wow. The two artists look to one another as if they are family and have collaborated for decades, including appearing on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. Dupri has always had Bow Wow's back, especially as it pertains to the rapper receiving jokes and jabs from the public, and the So So Def icon once again takes to social media to make sure people put respect on Bow Wow's name.

Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Beware of the Dog, Twitter
Ben Gabbe / Stringer / Getty Images

"When I signed Dem Franchise Boys n*ggas laughed at me, now Travis Scott got a song that samples white Tee and the song is called Franchise,always go with your gut," Jermaine Dupri tweeted. Over the weekend, Bow Wow celebrated the 20-year anniversary of his debut studio album, Beware of the Dog, and Dupri mentioned the milestone, as well.

"20 years wow!! I introduced @shadmoss to the world, 13 years old,selling 101,000 copies in its first week, now 3 X Platinum #SoSoDef," said Dupri. "Mostly all the young rappers that I meet, tell me they grew up listening to Bow or the scream tour was their first concert,but you don’t see none of the publications or HipHop gods eva celebrate this massive success." Do you think that Bow Wow deserves more credit than he's been given?