Jeremy Lin made his big debut with the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night. It was a pretty solid game for Line who picked up 8 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists. Not to mention, the Raptors ended up winning the game 129-120 against the Washington Wizards. After the game, Lin spoke about his first game with a new team and also talked about what it means to him to be a basketball player of Asian descent.

“I’m very proud to represent Asian people on a global platform and on a global scale,” Lin said. “So for me to be here where there’s a lot of Asians is [great].

Lin also talked about his struggles in the past of being given the responsibility to represent his culture and how he's been able to embrace it over time.

“I used to run from it, because that’s all anybody ever wanted to ask about. Oh, he’s Asian, he’s Asian, he’s Asian," Lin explained. “I was like, talk about my basketball. But now, people are seeing I can play and I belong in the NBA, and I’ve really embraced just being able to represent Asians and to do that in the right way hopefully and do my best.”

The Raptors are now 43-16 on the season and are second place in the Eastern Conference.