Jacquees started a debate when he announced himself as the current "King of R&B." Many people came out the gate swinging against his claims. The conversation now continues with Jeremih, an unlikely candidate for the title considering some of his past moves in the professional realm. According to his last upload on Instagram, the singer appears to be proposing an OG for the title: R. Kelly.

He shared a picture of himself and a smiling R. Kelly with a caption that read, "Heard 👑 talk." The post launched a flurry of argumentative remarks in the comments section. People called out R. Kelly's sexual abuse allegations almost immediately with one user writing, "R Kelly is a pervert and pedophile! He ain’t the king of sh*t!"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Other would rather focus on the music. One commenter declared, "Y’all know R Kelly a weird n*gga but his music will always be heavily respected man" Some fans embodied the conundrum: "Grew up on his music so I Bought tickets to his show in Tampa and left before he came on stage because I started thinking bout how he molested them lil girls and felt bad af."

As for Jeremih, well, people hardly acknowledge his presence in his own post. This might have something to do with the fact that he sent a body double to perform in his place, underestimating his fans' intelligence. Or might be linked to that time he got kicked off his own tour.