Over the past few days, there's been some issues in the world of R&B. Teyana Taylor and Jeremih were on the "Later That Night" tour together but Teyana aired out her issues with the way she was being treated on the tour. Jeremih's been quiet, although his team shared their side of the story. However, he's finally spoke up about the scenario for the first time, as HHNM has pointed out.

Jeremih has denied Teyana Taylor's allegations about his behavior on tour. The singer spoke to Hot Rod from Power 92 Chicago and explained his side of the story. The singer said that he was disappointed by what Teyana had to say about him because they were much cooler in the past. He claimed that everything she alleged wasn't true at all including being behind the water on stage. He also touched on Teyana's claim that 80% of the crowd left after her set. He said that Teyana would encourage her fans to meet her for the meet-and-greet  after her set. Jeremih also suggested Teyana had her own type of "diva" behavior when she allegedly "got mad over some chicken wings one night."

Despite the issues between the two, Jeremih revealed that he actually helped write a few songs on Teyana's new album K.T.S.E. and said that they've been cool in the past so her remarks on social media were disappointing. Jeremih continued to say that he doesn't enjoy the drama and going back and forth on social media isn't his thing. Ultuimately, Jeremih said that it's "all love."

Peep the clip below. Jeremih is speaking over FaceTime so the audio isn't the must clear but you'll get the message.