Jeremih is starting to get more and more recognition in the r'n'b/rap game, not just as go-to hook guy. While he became famous off one particular song, "Birthday Sex," since the release of that he has grown and changed his sound as an artist, as his most recent mixtape, Late Nights, attests too.

In an interview with Fuse, Jeremih discusses gaining confidence as a singer and his rise and evolution from the start of his career, which began while recording in Columbia College. "I started going in on records. My whole style then [at school] is so different than how I create now. Actually at my school I had a poetry class, it was just a pre-requisite. So I was forced to write anyways, so a lot of my poetics I started using as my songs, those is what I put on the lyrics. But now I just kinda go in and say the first thing on my mind."

Jeremih continued to discuss his Late Nights mixtape, and what he was trying to achieve with it. "Late Nights it was kinda like what I was livin', instead of me recording during the day, which is what I used to do, I'd be recording at night, because I'd be out, or I'd be asleep all day and wake up at a 3 and finish my day. I kinda wanted to give people just how I was feelin' right now. The Late Nights was a new flow for me, I really didn't write much on there, this is just what was fresh off my mind. "

"Late Nights was just a whole bunch of feelings, I wanted to keep it real sexy for the ladies, I wanted to just not care about no sample clearances or none of that."

Check out the full interview below, and listen to Late Nights here.