Jeremih's Late Nights: The Album finally hit stores on December 4th, and while, for a moment, everything finally seemed right in the Chicago singer's world, his sales figures didn't seem to line up with the demand for his long-awaited album.

50 Cent recently pointed the finger at Def Jam, accusing the label of pricing the album too high, and while 'Mih kept his mouth shut at first (though he did RT 50's accusation), he's now voiced his own criticisms of Def Jam, primarily with the amount of copies they chose to ship out to stores.

"y'all don't even deserve my voice," the singer tweeted toward the label. "It's not the fact that mi album was actually priced 18.99... There's actually no CD's in the stores to even buy ,that's the main point. each Best Buy was shipped 6-7 copies a peice... we checked in to the Corperate offices at Best Buy in Chicago and they told us LateNights wasn't on this wks added shipment list ,nor next weeks ?? #MyAlbumJustDroppedLastWeek."

So far, Def Jam has not responded to Jeremih's comments. View his tweets below.