Jeremih got to ring in his 29th birthday by performing at Pitchfork's annual music festival in Chicago, which is also home city. Following the performance, the singer revealed some exciting news to USA Today -- he's got a new mixtape on the way.

Jeremih is going to keep the Late Nights series thriving with Late Nights Europe, a project he cooked up during his tour overseas. This, of course, follows his long anticipated debut Late Nights: The Album (which did not disappoint after finally dropping in December of last year). There's more good news though. Late Nights Europe could be dropping in the imminent future, aka tonight.

"Nobody really knows," Jeremih revealed. "I was on a European tour for the last 30 days and the best thing about it was creating a new body of work called Late Nights Europe." He continued, "We did, like, 23 songs .We’re probably going to drop it tonight as a gift, not only to myself but to my fans."

If you recall, Jeremih's exceptional EP with Shlohmo, No More, also came by way of his birthday, so it's not like we haven't received this kind of birthday gift before from the singer. Stay tuned.