Jeremih's album was supposed to come out in October, and despite "Don't Tell Em" sitting comfortably in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, there's still no release date in sight. If this isn't a good reason to trash a Fuddruckers, we're not sure what is.

According to TMZ, Jeremih and his crew had an interesting experience at the family-oriented restaurant in Billings, Montana. The report states that the singer and his entourage were hitting on an employee at the restaurant, who subsequently complained to her manager. When Jeremih and co. were asked to move to a table away from the cashier, they apparently grabbed the restaurant's microphone and accused the management of racism, before throwing some beer bottles. The restaurant claims that $700 worth of damage was done.

We've yet to hear the Late Nights singer's account of the events. Police are now investigating

[Update: Footage Surfaces]

New footage of the Montana Fuddruckers incident involving Jeremih has come to light, and while it doesn't clarify the motivation behind the scene, it does give us a look at the confrontation. 

The new clip shows Jeremih and his crew seemingly arguing with a Fuddruckers employee, before one man begins to spray the worker with beer, before throwing his bottle into the kitchen. It looks as if a couple of other bottles are thrown as well, but the footage is not all that clear.

The staff claims that the R&B singer and his friends made a cashier uncomfortable when they hit on her, while the crew allegedly insisted that there were racial motivations to the restaurant's request for them to move to the back tables.

Watch the clip below.