The Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in last year's NBA Finals and even if you're not a basketball fan you've probably heard all about it on social media.

The joke that just won't die resurfaced recently in the most unlikely of places, on Alex Trebek's trivia game show "Jeopardy!"

Reigning Jeopardy! champion Loren Lee Chen first made reference to the Warriors by wagering $739 (73-9) on the final question in which he won a total of $19,899. At the time, Trebek didn't really understand the bizarre wager, saying, "I don’t know what it really means.”

Neither did the viewers at home, but the next night Chen doubled down with a wager of $301 (3-1) on the final question and people quickly understood that he was reviving the 3-1 'joke.'

And it all makes sense when you realize that he's using this platform to not only troll the Warriors, but to gain exposure for @OnTheBeat, which is a basketball site he runs with two other guys.