If you haven't heard by now, Nicki Minaj is beyond upset with famous shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. This morning the artist took to Twitter and Instagram to blast the company for the 23 pairs of shoes they have named after her that she has received no compensation for. Additionally, Nicki claims that the designer's public relations company informed her PR firm that they would not speak with her nor discuss any deals.

As a result, Nicki has declared war on the brand and her legions of fans, dubbed barbies, are on the battlefronts as well, blasting the company on social media and helping the feud become a trending topic on the internet. Now, it appears that another high profile name is chiming in on the situation as Hollywoodlife.com reports that Jennifer Lopez thinks the feud Nicki started is petty. Apparently, J Lo is responding to comments Nicki made about her recent collaboration with the designer claiming that he only wants to work with artists like herself.

Check out an excerpt of the story below and get the full details here.

Jennifer Lopez, 47, has zero interest in being dragged into social media feuds. However, she had to face the facts when Nicki Minaj, 34, unleashed rants against famed shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti via Twitter and Instagram on Feb. 3. The rapper shockingly accused him of racism and addressed how he’s only willing to collaborate with artists like JLo. “Jennifer’s out here minding her business and doesn’t have time to be petty with these girls who maybe taking jabs at her,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s a proven diva and her body of work speaks for itself which is why producers, writers and designers want to work with her too.