Jennifer Lopez and Shakira shut down the Super Bowl halftime show this year with a spectacular joint performance but unfortunately, there's a few people in America who simply didn't get it. The FCC has received over 1300 complaints following the performance on Feb. 2nd because parents appeared to think that this was inappropriate for their children's eyes. 

Complaints from across America poured in accusing Shakira, J. Lo and the Super Bowl for televising "extreme booty shaking," "pole dancing," and "S&M" outfits. A complaint from Hartford, Wisconsin seemed to find some sort of correlation between a Super Bowl haftime show and sex work. 

"What a disgraceful and disgusting half time show! It’s time to shut that down! Women who willingly strutted on stage looking more like street corner girls. In this day with all the sex trafficking, sexual abuse scandals, pornography, etc.... Really??? Beyond poor choice for the broadcasters and the “artists”! Bring back the marching bands in full uniform!" The complaint read. 

Another complaint stated that they were not subscribing to the Playboy channel and simply wanted a wholesome Super Bowl viewing. 

"A disgusting spectacle was on display during the halftime show of the Super Bowl yesterday and I'm sickened by the idea that this was broadcast in to so many homes in America and possibly around the world," an Oregon viewer said. "Selling sex seems to be the job nowadays, despite human trafficking and the Me Too movement. Shame on Fox."

Despite the amount of complaints that came in, it's miniscule compared to the 2004's NippleGate incident with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson that earned the FCC 540,000 complaints in the weeks following their performance.