Fans may recall an era where the fairytale romance of "I'm Real" captivated the masses. Though Ja Rule's previous come-up found him aligning himself with the murderous, legally unsavoury types like DMX and a pre-2000s Jay-Z, it would appear that a woman's love served to soften his heart. To be fair, if said woman is J-Lo, it may be all the more difficult to resist. In any case, Ja Rule found himself smitten, so much so that he linked up with Jenny from the block for the now-iconic Thug Luv anthem. Now, over a decade later, Jennifer Lopez has taken to Instagram to reflect on the song's success.

"Everyone went crazy for the song so we decided to shoot a video for it. We shot it in one day," reflects J-Lo. "The stylists brought me all this fancy couture from all the big designers. But this little known company Juicy sent these sweatsuits for me to chill and hang out in. "I loved them so much I decided to wear it in the video with my throwback Adidas and my nameplate and a bun. I shocked everyone when I decided to wear it! It seemed fitting since the song is called “I’m Real”, so I decided to be ME!" 

Clearly, J-Lo's instincts served her well, as she continues to flourish as an icon even today. Do you remember the peak of "I'm Real?" Or was such lighthearted fare not your bag?