They may be adamant that they're not planning on getting married anytime soon but Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez look as solid as a rock. Their relationship formed a few years ago and both JLo and A-Rod have treated their partner's kids as their own. They manage to find time to go on dates and spend some solo time together, which is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship. Now, we all know that Jennifer Lopez is an incredible dancer. Her moves are often sultry, matching her vocal vibes perfectly. When she decided to take up pole dancing, her boyfriend wanted to be on the sideline to watch her training and he did not leave dissatisfied. 

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The baseball icon shared a video on his Instagram story while Lopez learned how to work the pole. While she's an experienced stepper on the stage, she hasn't had much of a chance to work her stuff on the pole and now, she's learning how to use her core muscles to balance elegantly on the pole. She took direction from her teacher before trying it out for herself, landing a spin move with grace and delicacy. She's a true natural.

Alex was happy to sit back and enjoy the show, captioning his story "#Hustlers" and letting out an impressed "Whoa" as she swirled around. Jennifer is training for an upcoming film role in Hustlers, where she will play an exotic dancer. Something tells us she'll get the hang of it pretty quickly.