It's pretty common that we see celebrities posting photos of themselves on Instagram, particularly their stories. What we don't see very often though is said celebrity being sued for using their own photos online. Well, that's exactly what is happening to Jennifer Lopez, as photographer Michael Stewart is suing the singer/actress for posting a photo he took of her, without permission.

J Lo posted Stewart's image to her Instagram story with the caption "Today was a good day!!" According to a report from TMZ, Stewart took the picture of Lopez earlier this year and licensed the picture to a website in June. Stewart then saw the photo on Lopez's story and claims that no one from her team reached out to him for permission to use the image. Stewart went a step further by going to United States Copyright Office to register the image. It's clear he's not happy about the situation.

In the Instagram post below, Stewart shows off one of the pictures he took of J Lo. The actress can be seen wearing the same outfit in her Instagram story.

Stewart is seeking all profits from the photo which could win him up to $150k in damages. While it is rare, other celebrities have faced lawsuits like this before, including Blac Chyna and Khloe Kardashian.

Lopez has yet to comment on the situation and is currently out and about promoting her new film "Second Act."