You wouldn't be able to tell that Jennifer Lopez is nearing the age of 50 by looking at her. She definitely takes good care of herself and as she flexes her health progress on social media, she only encourages her following to do the same for themselves. A few days ago, she announced that she and Alex Rodriguez would be embarking on a 10-day challenge of no carbs or sugar. It's an impressive goal for the power couple who proved they were committed to healthy living this year after they were spotted working out on New Year's Day. Although it's been a few days since they announced their no-sugar, no-carb diet, J. Lo took to Instagram to flex her abs for the 'Gram.

If you're starting to head to the gym as a New Year Resolution and need some motivation for the days you feel discouraged, J. Lo's Instagram is the only place you need to go for some inspiration. Four days into the 10-day challenge and J. Lo took to Instagram to share a picture of her stellar abs. "Day 4 & feeling..... a lil better :) Who’s with me?" She wrote on Instagram.

J. Lo later took to her Instagram Story to share a photo of the progress of her diet which seems to be going well. The singer shared a photo of an "Asian Bowl" which consisted of avocado, shaved Brussels sprouts, sliced yellow peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower fried rice, and tuna poke.