J Lo is having a career resurgance of sorts, although it's not the first time. The multi-talented singer/actress/dancer released a new album last summer, A.K.A., and with a new movie on deck she nabbed the new cover of Complex magazine's February/March issue. 

J Lo is starring in a new film, "The Boy Next Door," which hits theatres in three days time. Much of Complex's cover story focuses on the film, and draws a few comparisons to real life. Jennifer Lopez also talks about having low self-esteem and going through several divorces.

She also speaks on her past, as well as the mega-hit "Jenny from the Block" being a defining single for her. On that J Lo says, 

"People are dumb enough to have thought that you meant it literally, like you were still in the ’hood, or “She’s changed, she’s different, she’s so rich now, she’s not the same.” It was a huge hit at the time, so I never thought of it in any negative way. I didn’t feel like people were saying that—it’s probably better that I didn’t know. And it’s become that defining song for me. In every concert I play, when I say, “I’m still Jenny from the block,” people love it. [Laughs.] And they know I’ve been successful. Thank God I’ve been blessed in that way. But I’m the same person. They know that I’m still Bronx-y. [Laughs.] I still wear hoops. I still like to rock sneakers and sweats. I always felt like I was out of place in Hollywood. But I also felt that the street smarts I had from growing up in New York served me well out here."

The cover story wouldn't be complete without some sexy photos of J Lo. Check those out above.