With all the loved up posts, gym dates, eating challenges and more shared by the happy couple that is Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, you'd think they've been together for much longer than just two years. Apparently not, since Jennifer has penned a touching letter to her partner celebrating their amazing two years together. 

"Two years of laughter Two years of fun Two years of adventures Of excitement of growing and learning Of true friendship And so much love!!" Jennifer captioned a series of never before seen images of A-Rod and their blended family.

She added: "You make my world a more beautiful safe and stable place... in the midst of our ever-changing, ever-moving life... you make me feel like a teenager starting out all over again... Every time I think I have you pegged, you surprise me in the most wonderful ways reminding me how blessed I am to have found you now in this moment at this time... our time... Te Amo Macho."

Jennifer and Alex reconnected in Beverly Hills in 2016 having only met briefly previous to that. After approaching the retired baseball player, the couple linked for dinner a few nights later and according to Jennifer, Alex seemed very nervous talking "about how he had just retired from baseball, about how he saw himself getting married again, all these things you wouldn’t normally talk about on a first date."

“I don’t know if he thought it was a date. I thought it was a date,” Jennifer said. “He was nervous, and it was really cute.”