Real life best friends Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini star in the upcoming romantic comedy Second Act and on one of their recent press stops they paid a visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden. During their interview, James mentioned how they grew up near each other with Jennifer residing from The Bronx and Leah Brooklyn.  

The topic of conversation came up because James was curious how the accents differ, which lead both Jennifer and Leah into a full-on explanation. "There [are] different ones. Bronx-Italian and Bronx-Puerto Rican and Brooklyn-Italian is more like Bronx-Italian," Jennifer said. "If you're from the Bronx, it doesn't mean you have all of the exact same accent."

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Jennifer then showed off an accent that she used to have and added how the usual Italian talking "hands are different than Puerto Rican hands."

Later in the clip, James asks Leah if she ever gets used to being Jennifer's friend since JLo is an A-list all-star. 

"In the beginning, it was [weird], because I was like the protector. I felt like her protector, and we went shopping or something and I'm in the car and there's all of a sudden 20 paparazzi pulling U-turns and putting people's lives in danger," she said. "So I'd become her protector, and it's like a one-man show. I'm literally in the car. I'm pulling U-turns. I'm like [Bleep] for this or [Bleep] for that."

Watch the full interview below.