Jennifer Lopez & Bad Bunny Arrange For Shore Leave In "Te Guste"

Devin Ch
November 09, 2018 12:05

Jennifer Lopez & Bad Bunny drop the video for "Te Guste."

Don't tell A-Rod, Jennifer Lopez may have taken a modern lover. Yes, Jenny may be guilty of misreading Bad Bunny as the "Energizer Bunny, no shade. Don't get me started; If I didn't fully buy into the narrative in "Te Guste," I'd be doing the song and video an injustice. Suspend your disbelief for just a second, but remember the 1980s were never this tasteful, Bad Bunny was born in 1994.

In the midst of an onslaught of rusty Spanish, J-Lo breaks her diction to mutter something in English: "What you can do with my body," she asks despondently as Bad Bunny hovers over her body like a faltering satellite. At this point, the scene shifts to Lopez serving us "Pyjama Party," like we've never seen it before.

With the "Te Gusta" music video, J-Lo proves beyond all doubt, that nanotechnology is well ahead of the curve. Bad Bunny could stand to take a page out of J-Lo's playbook if he hopes to outlive the S-shaped molding on his head.

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