Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were on their way out of the dinning part of their date night when their car was involved in an accident. As their driver exited an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles, he managed to hit one of the camera people who were posted outside to capture images of the power couple.

The paparazzo was snapping pictures when he was hit, seemingly lightly, by the Escalade in which Jlo and A-rod were riding. Although the driver was inching out into the street slowly, the SUV clipped the man amidst the rapid bursts of flashing lights. The photographer ended up on the ground, with his camera still in hand.

When the witnesses of the accident started raising their voices, the driver immediately halted the vehicle to ensure the surrounding people were safe. One of them tried to lecture the chauffeur who quickly returned the blame:" "See what happens when you flash all the flashes? I can't see where I'm going."

The man who was hit is said to have filed a report with the LASD. Unfortunately for him, pedestrians are generally prohibited from purposefully blocking vehicles with their bodies. Drivers are also said to be allowed to move forward cautiously in those instances.