Exactly ten days ago Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez challenged their own group of friends as well as their fans to embark on a 10-day journey that would eliminate all carbs and sugar. We can't say for sure if who agreed to join the eating challenge, but we do know that JLo and A-Rod did it and now that it's over they're treating themselves to a giant feast of all the foods they couldn't have. 

The photo below shows a spread filled with pizza, wings, fries, cookies and pastries in copious amounts. "Top this. How did you break the #10daychallenge?" Alex captioned the photo. 

Jennifer and Alex have been partners in health when it comes to their gym routine and work out sessions. The "Love Don't Cost A Thing" singer has previously discussed her openness on social media with her family and relationships and how it helps avoid the TMZ craziness. 

"Now people get to see that this guy they thought was this hard-nosed athlete is, like, a goofy dad who loves his kids and celebrates his girlfriend,”  she said. 

“When we met, we’d both already done a lot of work on ourselves,” she added about A-Rod. “Everybody has flaws, and the people I want in my life are the people who recognize that and are willing to work on those flaws. It’s super-important: someone who’s willing to look at themselves and say, ‘OK, I’m not great here’ or ‘I could do better there.’ ”