Jennifer Lopez was out promoting her upcoming movie Second Act last night with co-star Leah Remini as the two stopped by Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live show on Bravo. During their sit-down, the three played a game of “Never Have I Ever,” to which we found out a lot about Jennifer Lopez during.

J. Lo admitted to writing lines on her hands to help her remember, catching singers badly lip-syncing at award shows and lying to her friends when their movies are bad. But the best answer was when she was asked if she’s ever hooked up her in movie trailer, to which she sipped her drank to and ultimately said yes.

“I’ve done 40-something movies, I live in the trailer!” Lopez explained, which Remini then supported. “You gotta do it, you gotta get it in when you can,” her loyal friend said.

Unfortunately, she didn’t reveal who the lucky guy was she “hooked up” with in the trailer, but I’m sure he remembers. It very well could be A-Rod too considering they’ve been going steady for a little while now, but that’s just speculation.

Check out the fun game of “Never Have I Ever” (below) and take a guess who you think J. Lo hooked up with in the trailer?