Jenelle Evans has found her name in the news for the last few weeks as she fights for temporary custody of her three children with husband David Eason. If you're unfamiliar with Evans, she is one of the most well-known women from MTV's series Teen Mom. Now 27-years-old, Evans has lost custody of her kids and much of that has to do with the abusive environment that her husband created in their home. We previously reported on how the reality star got checked for her disrespectful comments on Colin Kaepernick and since then, her life has gone even more downhill. In a new video that has been shared by TMZ, you can see just how wild things got in her house, with Eason screaming profanities at her while kids cried in the background.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A video showing Eason addressing his wife has surfaced online with the man telling Jenelle she could "die right now, I don't give a fuck." He goes on to call her a "fucking piece of shit" several times before flipping off the camera. Before the video came out, it was revealed that the couple had lost temporary custody of their three children. 4-year-old Kaiser was reportedly terrified to go to Jenelle and David's home because he had been mistreated by Eason. Jenelle has stood by her husband but if she wants even a chance at regaining custody of her three kids, she and David will need to attend parenting classes, counselling and weekly drug testing.