Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has found herself in the news for weeks as she fights to regain custody of her three children. The reality show personality lost physical custody of her kids and she's been holding a united front with her boyfriend David Eason. All of this started because of him though. Eason has reportedly created a very hostile and unsafe life for the little ones and after he shot and killed their family dog, it was time for Child Protective Services to get involved. Jenelle Evans is hoping to get custody back of her kids but she's also interested in staying with her boyfriend. Today, she appeared in court with Eason by her side after ignoring all the questions posed to her by a TMZ photographer.

Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

The reality star walked into court when a paparazzo approached her, asking questions about the current case and wondering whether Evans would choose Eason or her kids if she was forced to make a decision. The two remained tight-lipped throughout their trek to the courthouse, where they've been spending time on a weekly basis. 

Jenelle's ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith was also in court in North Carolina and he came with Evans' 4-year-old son Kaiser. This court appearance comes just a day after the couple called the police when they received a "suspicious white powder" in the mail. That incident is currently still under investigation.