Jemele Hill is on a short list of journalists that are both personable and uncompromising. Hill has worked tirelessly in the journalism field for years, but she received nationwide fame while co-hosting  ESPN's SC6. Her outspoken views and intellectual debates on social media have earned her backlash in the past, but Hill has never wavered. Her love for hip-hop is well known, and speaking with HipHop DX, Hill revealed that she is inspired by this generation of female rap artists.

“I think [the current class of female MCs] is strong," Hill began. "You have Nicki [Minaj], you have Cardi B, you have Rapsody you have so many different female artists that there is an artist for every taste." It's more than just the music for Hill though. She continued on to praise the women in hip-hop today for building their brands and taking advantage of business opportunities. “I enjoy the variety, I enjoy the fact that these women they don’t just see themselves as artists they see themselves as individual businesses and so I’m inspired by their creativity and their sense of empowerment," she explained. Hill recently appeared as herself in a cameo for Netflix and Marvel's Luke Cage series.