Jeffrey Epstein's reps are reportedly unsatisfied with the investigation into his death, ruled a suicide by strangulation. The sticking point appears to be a series of fractures on Epstein's neck, illustrating a struggle of some sorts took place prior to him losing consciousness - which is inherently why they've been entertaining this notion that a sheet was placed on his neck to give off the illusion of death by hanging.

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Epstein's reps have grown frustrated with the lack of cooperation at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center, and the medical examiner's unwillingness to fork over pertinent information or material evidence. Evidently, Epstein's people are missing the resources they would need to conduct their own investigation.

Besides the 3 stress fractures, Epstein's reps are suspicious of 2 fractures on either side of his thyroid, and another sign of struggle close to his Adam's apple.

In their opinion, these fractures are consistent with the kind of pressure one would apply in a stranglehold. Not to mention, they find incredulous to believe Epstein could have hung himself with the presence of two guards looming over his shoulder. To be quite frank, they aren't alone in their beliefs. As hard as it is to make an acute assessment of his death, one thing's for certain: Epstein and foul play go hand-in-hand.