When you’re the richest man on planet earth, you can literally do whatever is that you want, and this weekend Jeff Bezos decided to take in some football at Super Bowl LIII down in Atlanta. But before he met up with Roger Goodell in a private suite for the game, the Amazon CEO was seen photographed with the likes of Tyga, Meek Mill and a few others.

Tyga shared a photo of himself and rapper Won-G with the Amazon CEO, taken over Super Bowl weekend. Won-G wrote Bezos is “a great person with a big Heart,” adding, “I’m so happy to be your friend and to study and learn your method to success.”

However, they weren't the only hip-hop stars seeking out friendship and financial wisdom from the world’s richest man. Meek Mill also was photographed next to Bezos, while also standing next to Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and his close friend & Philadelphia 76ers co-owner, Michael Rubin.

Amazon has digital rights to the league’s Thursday night games, and there is speculation that Bezos could be a buyer of the Seattle Seahawks after the passing of fellow tech mogul and team owner Paul Allen.

A report suggest that Bezos was in Atlanta with his brother Mark, but not new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.