Jeff Bezos has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. The Amazon owner has been under fire during the pandemic for his treatment of the company's warehouse employees and delivery drivers. His net worth reportedly grew by approximately $30 billion in the last two months, because of increased online orders during COVID-19, and he is poised to become the world's first trillionaire as a result. 

Despite his obvious ability to keep Amazon running while being more than ethical to his employees, Bezos responded to his pandemic success by ending hazard pay increases for warehouse and delivery workers on the frontlines. 

His name was trending on Twitter today and the vast majority of commenters are screaming "EAT THE RICH" as they reflect on Bezos' clear capitalist focus.

Jeff Bezos Trillionaire
Alex Wong/Getty Images

"This is immoral," said Elizabeth Warren in response to Bezos cutting his workers' hazard pay. "Here's unfettered capitalism at work," added Bernie Sanders.

As it stands, Jeff Bezos is looking to become a trillionaire before 2026. 

Despite how this pandemic has ruined the economy, it's great to see that billionaire Jeff Bezos is doing better than ever. This is a reminder that nobody should be able to accumulate such wealth. Nobody needs a trillion dollars, for real. 

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