Jeff Bezos topped Forbes this year as the richest man on the planet. The owner of Amazon is worth $112 billion dollars, and is the first billionaire to crack the $100 bn mark (at least legally and on paper). You would think with that type of worth, Bezos would have the most intricate security system on the planet. Maybe he has some type of robot security guard that helped scare away the thieves that tried to rob from his home.

According to TMZBezos' Beverly Hills mansion was broken into last week. The crooks smashed a window in an attempt to steal whatever luxuries they could get their hands on, but law enforcement says they were scared away. Exactly what spooked the crooks is up for debate, but nothing was reported stolen from the mansion. Our guess is that Bezos has some high tech security that looked way too intimidating for the thieves to conquer. Still, police believe those same crooks had a mission to make some cash, because they're suspected of hitting another mansion in the area as well.

The thieves successfully robbed the second mansion, and led police on a car chase. After ditching the car, the crooks escaped on foot and are still at large.