Jeezy is always an interesting guest when he comes through for a radio, television or print interview, and his recent spot on Shade 45's Sway In The Morning program was no exception. The iconic producer/rapper talked about a variety of topics, including how one should always be looking out for themselves first. Unfortunately, his choice of analogy may not have been the best, as he relied on an archaic religious stereotype to make his point.

Attempting to give an example of why it's so important to invest in yourself money-wise, Jeezy made the miscalculation of trying to compare it to the image of a wealthy and powerful Jewish man or woman. Needless to say, it didn't come across as intended. "These Jewish cats, they worth all this money and have all this power, but they might be wearing the same clothes all week,” the rapper remarked, leading to a stunned look on Sway's face for the few seconds that followed. You can check out entire video clip below.

No one's running to hang a label like anti-semitic on Jeezy or anything like that, because the comparison was surely brought up with the best intentions, but the awkward silence that came from nearly everyone else in the room is telling. It's definitely a tired depiction of a religion that shouldn't be reduced to frugality, but here we are. Only time will tell if this snafu will rub multiple fans of his the wrong way.

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