Jeezy's HNHH Digital Cover BTS

Danny Schwartz
November 01, 2016 10:26

Jeezy is HNHH's newest digital cover star.

Jeezy is HNHH's newest cover star. We sent editor Angus Walker and photographer Elijah Dominique out to Jeezy's studio in Brooklyn to talk to him about how, a decade later, he is still the man in these streets.

"I'm listening and watching the game, A lot of these cats are trying to be someone I was when I came in the game 10 years ago," he told HNHH. "And even then, the reason why I went so hard was because I felt like it was being represented in a way that it could have been represented a little bit better."

He continues: "Trap or Die 3 is basically me taking the big homie stance and saying when it comes to this, I'm iconic. I do this shit better than anybody." 

Despite all his success, Jeezy still demands greatness from himself. Read the digital cover story HERE.


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DIGITAL COVER Jeezy's HNHH Digital Cover BTS