Even though Halloween is technically only in a few days, celebrities have been sharing all of their incredible costumes from pre-festivity parties. This weekend, a good chunk of Hollywood's finest were out and about to celebrate Spooky Season by dressing up in their playful attire, going the night as unrecognizable versions of themselves. It must be a nice time of year because, every other day, the paparazzi is flashing millions of photos of them by the minute and that can't be enjoyable. So, when Halloween rolls around on an annual basis, you best believe that the A-listers will go hard to stand out. Jeezy's new girlfriend Jeannie Mai may be the host of a daytime talk show but, this weekend, she transformed into Bay Area songstress Kehlani, looking damn-near perfect in her costume.


Earning even more media coverage than usual, Jeannie Mai decided to pay homage to one of her favorite singers by dressing up as Kehlani for Halloween, sharing a side-by-side comparison on Instagram. Once you see the juxtaposed image, you'll see why it was an easy choice for her. Undergoing a complete makeover with temporary tattoos, braids, and more, the entertainer took on her Lani costume with utter seriousness. She needed to impress and she came through. In fact, we've got to say that she did an amazing job with this. The actual singer couldn't attend the party that Mai was at because she was visiting the pumpkin patch with her daughter but we're sure she approves of the effort.

Check it out below.