Don't expect to see Jeezy making any appearances on Kanye West's campaign trail. The Yeezy mogul has been turning heads left and right as he's stolen attention in multiple circles. His presidential bid for America's 2020 election has been fraught with controversies as states have removed or refused to include him on their ballots. Then, Kanye West publicly declared war on Sony Music and Universal Music Group over their handling of artists' contracts, and this was before he was faced with a 12-hour Twitter ban for posting a journalist's phone number while calling him a White supremacist. 

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His methods may be unorthodox, but many people have continued to support Ye as he progresses professionally and politically. Pertaining to the latter, Jeezy told Deadline that he's decided to endorse the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidential ticket, suggesting that while he respects Kanye, he doesn't believe the rapper's petition for president is a serious one.

“I think he’s a great artist, but I don’t think he needs to be nobody’s president," said Jeezy. "Bless his heart if he feels he can do the job, but right now is not the time. This is real, people are dying. This ain’t entertainment, and we love Kanye dearly, but this is not the time for that. This is real. We need help. We need change.”

Relating to Biden, Jeezy said he is enthused that the presidential nominee is opening to discussing the grievances of the Black community. “There’s so many things wrong that nobody’s going to be able to fix it all in one swipe, but at least somebody is willing to hear it out and understand what we are going through as Black men,” Jeezy added. “Being a black man in America is definitely a hard job right now. So anyone who is going to come and try to help us with that burden, I have to take the time to hear them out, see what their plan is and see how they are going to go about these things.”