Jeezy Recalls His Mom Pulling A Gun On Him On ESPN's Highly Questionable

Angus Walker
October 20, 2016 14:49

Jeezy remembers the day his mom turned him into a hustler and paying for career-saving vocal surgery with a brown paper bag full of racks.

Just over a week away from his upcoming album, Trap or Die 3 -- the finale in his beloved series that began in 20015, Jeezy is the latest guest on ESPN's Highly Questionable, the show that often gives highly entertaining interviews to hip-hop stars. Jeezy was asked about some of the craziest experiences he went through during his notorious come-up, and he began by recalling the time his mother pulled a gun on him and kicked him out of the trailer he grew up in. It was the "best thing she ever did," he said, going on to mention that he would eventually move her out of the same $6,500 trailer and buy her a house. 

Jeezy told the HQ hosts that the scariest time of his career was when he tore his vocal chords and was unable to speak for about seven months. He didn't have the insurance to pay for his vocal surgery, so he ended up giving his surgeon a brown paper bag full of $70,000, which was somehow accepted, thus saving his career. As usual, the segment ends with a charming back and forth with Papi, who joins Jeezy for a duet of "My President." 

Trap or Die 3 drops October 28. 

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