A couple nights ago, Jeezy and 5 other men of his entourage were arrested in Irvine, California after police searched their tour bus and found an AK-47 assault rifle in it. With bail set for $1,000,000, Jeezy has been locked up ever since, but is reportedly getting out tonight.

According to MissInfo, Jeezy plead not guilty to charges of illegal gun possession, and will be released on bail sometime Thursday night, along with the other 5 men of his entourage who were with him. Info also reports that a pre-heading trial has already been scheduled for September 5th, which happens to be just three days after Jeezy’s highly anticipated album, Seen It All, hits stores.

After that cool mill was just spent, fans can help Jeezy get some money back in his pockets by pre-ordering his album now on iTunes.

We’ll keep you posted on all the latest updates regarding this situation. (ICYMI, you can peep his mug shot in the gallery above)

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According to XXL, Jeezy is expected to release an official statement in the next couple days.

[Update: Gun didn't belong to Jeezy]

TMZ now reports that the AK-47 on Jeezy's tour bus belonged to the rapper's head of security. Jeezy and five other men in his entourage were arrested when no one claimed ownership of the weapon. As it turns out, the head of security wasn't on the bus that evening: he was in the hospital recovering from getting shot at the 1Oak nightclub the night before.

TMZ claims there are now some serious questions about Jeezy's arrest. According to law enforcement sources, the AK-47 wasn't found anywhere near the rapper, but rather in a closed case in an area associated with someone other than Jeezy. Meanwhile, Jeezy was in an entirely separate cabin where no weapons were found. 

Official reports related to the arrest indicate the investigating officers were repeatedly told the registered owner of the weapon was the tour security chief.