As one of the hosts of The Real, Jeannie Mai offers her uncensored look at hot topics for the enjoyment of daytime television audiences. She often says things that many would consider to be a little risky for regular audiences but that's what's kept her on as a talk show host. In that field of work, you need to be consistently entertaining, funny, informative, and engaging. Jeannie Mai is all of those things. The entertainer recently confirmed her romance with rapper Jeezy and unfortunately, they've been getting some backlash online. Yesterday, we reported on how some fans were angry about Jeezy's choice in women. Now, an old video of Jeannie speaking about her own romantic preferences has those same people up in arms.

It didn't quite make sense for people to be angry about Jeannie and Jeezy's relationship earlier this week but now that this is out, we can understand why some people are pissed. The talk show host had previously said some things that people would consider to be pretty telling. As reported by Bossip, a resurfaced video from The Real shows Mai speaking to her co-hosts about her romantic history with black men. She said the following: "Love black guys. For me, dark meat on the side, white keeps me mean and lean. That’s why I married white. That’s what I like."

Of course, this is incredibly problematic. Jeannie Mai is certainly allowed to have her own preferences but now that this clip is back online, it makes sense why people would be so concerned with Jeezy's choice. Jeannie was previously married to Freddy Harteis. The two divorced last year. Do you think Jeezy should be cautious?