Jeezy Discusses The Possibility Of A Joint Album With T.I.

Patrick Lyons
December 04, 2014 18:15

Jeezy opens up more about the likelihood of a joint project with T.I.

After he and T.I.discussed the possibility of a joint project in October, Jeezy was asked again about the potential project in a recent interview with Karen Civil. 

“As far as me and Tip, we always talked about doing a lot of things,” he said. “When we do get together and we kick it, we just happen to record a lot. I’m still on the road on the tour right now, I think he’s doing some other things [so when I come off] we’re just gonna sit down and really figure out what makes sense. I’m definitely already working on a new album. As far as the group album, [it’s] something I’ve never really done before. It’s almost like the best of both hoods type of thing. What he does and what I bring to the table are like two different things but musically they’re kind of equivalent. [It’s] more so having the time to get it done [and] making sure it’s right. If I’ve got anything to do with it you know it’s going to be hard as a muthafucka.”

Jeezy also let us know his thoughts on the Tamir Rice case.

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