Promoters have been put on blast more than once in the last few days. Award-winning singer Kelly Price is an unproblematic celebrity, but she took to the internet to share her anger after she performed and a promoter didn't pay her. Jeezy, too, took issue with an event he recently did after fans complained that he didn't perform, however, the Rap mogul jumped online to clarify that he wasn't hired to take to the stage.

"You know I have to send a PSA out to my city, my second home, Detroit," said Jeezy in the clip. "So listen, this how it go. I came to the city to give away a thousand bikes to a thousand kids. That was my initiative and we did that and it was very successful, so shout out to everybody that came through."

Jeezy, Kelly Price, Promoter
Rich Polk / Stringer / Getty Images

"Now, this day party, which was a day party and not a performance. A day party, contractually, in the contract it says, 'day party.' I just wanted to pull up and see my people real quick," he continued. "Get in and get out. It was unorganized, understaffed, and chaos. I got there, nobody knew what to do. They wanted to put me in the skybox for me to watch the crowd from there. Absolutely not. I got my crew together, we walked down to the bleachers so we could see the people."

Jeezy added that he wanted to make his way down to the field but the promoter couldn't get him there. He told the public that it's nothing but love between him and his supporters, but if they're upset because he didn't perform, they needed to contact the promoter to see if they could get a refund. 

Check out the clip below.