Jeezy is fresh off of the release of his latest album, TM104. The final installment in his staple Thug Motivation series, the rapper seems to be settling into the title of elder statesmen in the game. The rapper announced that it would be his final album but it appears that it's simply the final album of an era. Nonetheless, the rapper's new project was a potent effort from the trap legend and the rapper will be bringing The Legend Of The Snow Man to a city near you this fall. 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If you've been bumping Jeezy's new album, you'll be able to catch him live this fall on the TM104 fall tour. The tour dates to stretch throughout November with only a handful of concerts being scheduled across America. The thirteen date tour will kick off in L.A. on November 7th before wrapping up on in Houston on December 1st. Strangely enough, there aren't any tour dates scheduled in his hometown of Atlanta but it's likely that he'll have his homecoming show sometime in the future. Other cities he'll be touching down in are New York City, Chicago, Cleveland, and New Orleans, among others. 

Although it's a relatively short tour, maybe there's a chance that he plans on adding more dates in the future or wants to schedule them in 2020. Peep the dates below.