In the last week of last month, we reported that Atlanta rapper, Jay W. Jenkins, better known as Jeezy, had partnered up with entrepreneur, Freddie Figgers, the founder of Figgers Communications to carve out his place in the telecommunications world. The two aimed to "provide wireless services that will rival their competition by implementing price points that are more attainable." "There was a point in my life where I wasn't able to pay the phone bill," said Jeezy of the partnership. "Now as a businessman and entrepreneur to be able to partner with Freddie, someone who overcame similar life obstacles, and to give people more access to handheld technology at an affordable price, it's truly a blessing." With the rapper making big entrepreneurial moves, in the Spring of 2018 he hinted that his next album would be his last, saying "as the Cold Summer tour comes to a end.. It was inspiring seeing my day one fans since my first album & class TM 101 come out every night. Now class is coming to a end. It's time for Graduation! My Last Album & Final Class: TM104 -#TrustYaProcess." And now, a date has finally been set for the release of said final project.

After he released his latest single "1 Time" - which is rumoured to be a part of the upcoming album - at the start of the month, Jeezy hit Instagram yesterday to share the trailer, as well as to reveal the release date for the LP. TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman will be out on August 23rd, which is just less than a month from now, and from the look of the dope old-timey trailer and backing music, as well as the grainy sampling (and considering it's going to sadly be his last) it's looking like it's going to be fire. Tune in next month for the full project.